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Sometimes, being a small business owner can feel isolating and as if no one understands what you are going through. While our specific challenges might be different, other entrepreneurs are out there seeking answers to similar questions that arise. There are groups and organizations that can help bring small business owners from many different categories of the entrepreneurship world together so that you can evaluate, discuss and grow your business.

This is why, at the beginning of 2021, we joined the EO Charlotte Accelerator program. Below is a spotlight they did on our co-founder, Maggie Pozorski this week (and an extra snippet as to how Oh You're Lovely was formed)!

Written by Cydney Melton:


After working in the crafting industry for a while, Maggie Pozorski decided to take some time off to spend with her daughter. When watching a friend’s Facebook Live crafting video, she noticed an interesting material—wooden flowers. 

“Using the wooden flowers was the gateway back into my creativity. But at the time, there were only one or two companies in the US selling them, and you would have to wait six weeks for your order, which would be wrong. It was happening over and over again,” Pozorski said. 

As a frustrated consumer, Pozorski decided to solve the problem by starting her own wooden flower company, Oh You’re Lovely, with her co-owner. She was fired up, ready to be the reliable source that a lot of small, woman-owned businesses needed to pursue their own careers. 

In about eight months, there was a soft launch for Oh You’re Lovely, followed by the main launch a few months later. 

When one of Pozorski’s family members overheard her success after her first year in business, he told her to join EO Accelerator. Although she was nervous to join because she is quite reserved, Pozorski joined EO Accelerator in January 2021 and has loved it ever since, especially the constant challenge and accountability. 

“There are definitely things in all aspects of business that I wouldn’t have learned without EO Accelerator,” Pozorski said. 

Throughout her first year, Pozorski said she called her EO Accelerator coach for advice. Every time, her coach would have a fresh perspective to offer. Being able to get support from someone who has more experience helped with many of Pozorski’s big decisions. 

Since entrepreneurship can be lonely, having a small accountability group of other entrepreneurs has been helpful for Pozorski. She can open up about personal business challenges and successes with her peers who understand what she is going through. 

“To give feedback and listen to other people opened up a lot for me. It is pretty lonely without that aspect,” Pozorski said. 

Overall, Pozorski said the EO Accelerator program helped support her confidence. When she started her business, she knew it had potential to grow. But when it grew at an extremely quick rate, she found herself in uncomfortable situations. 

“I was uncomfortable about a lot of things, even hiring people. For me, the biggest takeaway from the EO Accelerator program is my confidence and the role I play,” Pozorski said. 

After finding success with her company, Pozorski would advise anyone planning to start a business to have your expectations in place, understand where money will be needed and prepare for a lot of hard work ahead. 

“If you are going to start a business, there will be sacrifices in other areas of your life. I feel like people don’t think about that … Mentally prepare for your life to change,” Pozorski said. 

Even though Pozorski has grown her business quickly, she still faces entrepreneurial challenges every day. Between balancing work, family, growth and cash flow, Pozorski has her hands full. Since last year, Oh You’re Lovely’s revenue has doubled. This year, Pozorski believes the company could triple, but it is difficult to find the necessary funding as a product-based business.

Overall, Pozorski is proud of how she and her co-owner have built Oh You’re Lovely and would not change anything about their process. 

Most of all, Pozorski said she is proud of the reliable source Oh You’re Lovely has become for other women who run their own craft and floral businesses. 

“I am proud of giving women a trustworthy supply chain for their own small businesses. We have 100 percent done that. To me, that is one thing every day that I can wake up and be happy about,” Pozorski said. 

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