Collection of Free Business Documents for Creative Small Businesses

Being an entrepreneur is incredibly rewarding but can also present challenges you never knew you would have to face! From building a quote for an event to tracking your best sellers at craft shows, there are quite a few documents you will need to get you started.

And that's where this collection of free templates comes in!

We have created and collected a variety of free business document templates that you can download, edit and use as needed.

Inventory Tracker

As a creative, you need a lot of supplies. A LOT. And that can be tedious to keep track of. The trick to staying on top of things is to fill out this spreadsheet after every purchase and after you use any supplies.

Craft Show Inventory & Sales Tracker

At craft shows, farmer's markets or any other large crowd booth event, it is imperative that you keep tabs on their effectiveness! This document will help you to know what exactly has sold (and which are your best sellers) and your profit margin for the entire event. Quick note - the columns highlighted in green should be filled out before the event so it is easier for you to figure out the rest after the show is over.

Craft Show/Wedding Expo Contact Form

One of the most important things you want to do at craft shows or wedding expos is to collect contact information from customers or potential customers! At high traffic events, you want to keep the form short and sweet to ensure people have the time to write their name, email address and phone number and move on to another booth (if they look rushed). Once you have this information, it's important to contact them shortly after the event is over!

Wedding/Event Consultation Questionnaire

After a potential customer has expressed interest in your services, it is time to set up a consultation. We wrote a blog that helps you to prep for these types of meetings and here is the template form questionnaire to use when you are ready to go!

Event/Order Pricing Quote Spreadsheet

This simple spreadsheet allows you to enter item names, their price, their quantity and then automatically does the math for you with total pricing!

Event Contract

Contracts are incredibly important to protect yourself as a small business owner. Here is a blog that gives you more information on contracts as a whole along with free sample contracts you can edit to make your own!

Sample Event Contract - Full Installation

    • This contract can be used if you will be on site ahead of the event to set up florals.

Sample Event Contract - Shipped Items

    • This contract can be used if you will be shipping items to your client ahead of the event

Profit and Loss Statement

 I consider myself to be a spreadsheet person (I love numbers and data) but when it comes to creating a spreadsheet with a bunch of formulas, I would rather leave that to the experts. This free profit and loss template download from CFI (Corporate Finance Institute) is everything you will need to keep track of your most important financial numbers for tax time. Microsoft Excel also has a profit and loss template you can use as well.

It may seem a bit intimidating at first but you can book a consultation with me to walk you through the process!

Balance Sheet Template

As your business grows, you may be in need of a loan. A balance sheet is required by any bank for loan approval. CFI also has a great template for these here.


Let us know in the comments if there are any other documents you would like to see on this list!

**Disclaimer - this is not legal or tax advice. Please consult with your attorney or accountant if you need professional assistance**

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