Do You Make All of Your Flowers?

"So, do you make your flowers?"

This is a question that we’ve all gotten dozens of times over the years, and we’re guessing the same likely goes for you.

The problem, though, is it’s not actually a straightforward question, is it? There’s an implication behind the question that the creation of the flowers – and not the arranging and designing of the finished pieces – is somehow better or more authentic. But let’s be perfectly clear: that’s not true! Not remotely! Your business is as a floral arranger and decorator. Not as a sola wood flower processor. Those are, in fact, two completely different full-time jobs.

This particular line of thought – that in order to be an authentic creator, you have to have a hand in every micro-step of the process – really falls apart when you try to apply it to other careers. For example:

  • You’re such a good baker! Do you mill your own flour?
  • Thanks, Bill Gates, for hand-making all these computers!
  • This back deck you built looks great. Did you cut down the trees to make this? Better yet, did you grow the trees on your own tree farm?

Sarcasm aside, you get what we mean!

So then – how can you answer this question in a way that leaves the perception of your business intact while also satisfying the consumer’s right to curiosity? Here’s how we do it:

Tell the truth.

Consumers these days are smarter, sharper, and more insightful than ever. Brands being forthright and transparent – even if it reveals a vulnerability – will win, period. They will repay your honesty with loyalty. So, we recommend just telling them you purchased these flowers, and why the process works that way.

As truths go, this one is a pretty good one. 

If a potential customer asks you if they’re handmade, you tell them, yes. Of course they’re handmade. Just not by you.

You don't have to tell them where you get your flowers. BUT! If you do, you can tell them that you get your flowers from Oh You’re Lovely, and that they’re handmade overseas. You can tell them that Oh You’re Lovely tested the quality of several sola wood manufacturers before they were satisfied with the kinds of products that were offering. They chose the best. And you chose them. 

Why are they produced overseas? 

That’s where the sola grows, where they are harvested and where the talented workers hand make them. Those freshly-harvested and handmade sola flowers are then shipped to the U.S. 

That’s where you come in. 

Your professional expertise is in design, arrangement, color balance, aesthetics, seasonal and trending floral trends, and the cultural meanings that flowers represent. That’s a heavy workload already! 

The customer’s best bet for the best product at the best price is simple: leave the creation of the flowers to the sola tree harvesters and artisans overseas. 

Leave the designing to you.

When in doubt, the truth is usually the best option. In fact, when you think about it, telling the truth is just about always the most marketable move you can make. 

With this blog and it's suggestions in mind, best of luck next time you get "The Question"!

And for more frequently asked questions by potential customers and possible answers to those, take a look at this past blog!

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