7 Ways to Expand Your Sola Wood Flower Lineup

Chances are if you work in the sola wood industry, you’re probably primarily focused on the more common areas of floral design: bridal bouquets, centerpieces, and the like. Now, while we celebrate those crafts – there are other niche categories that you can explore to help expand your mix of products!

Today, in no particular order, we’re going through 7 alternate uses for sola wood flowers to grow your product mix. For each, we’ll also include a pro tip to help get the most out of your sola wood diversification. Now let’s get crafting!

Baked Goods Decorating

Some cooking shows will tell you that you shouldn’t put anything inedible on the table. Well, we’re going to break this rule today and say: flowers on cakes rule. A little touch of sola love on any cake will give it an extra special layer of gusto that any dessert lover would swoon over. This is especially ideal for getting those extra add-on charges during wedding season. Every dollar counts!

PRO TIP: Put a layer of wax paper or aluminum foil between the cake and the flower. Also, place a toothpick in between to keep the cake, flower, and layer in between all together. 

Hair Design

Sola flowers are an easy way to make any hairstyle pop. Don’t be shy about taking advantage of how customizable sola flowers are here. As you know, we Lovelies love our funky hair colors. Why not try something new by pairing a bold flower color with a unique hair color? Neon pink and black, anyone?

If you can get a foothold with these in your market, they’re a perfect low-effort, high-volume product to get your name out there.

PRO TIP: Try using a comb, hair clip, or metal barrette as a pre-made base. Then, all you have to do is dye and glue!


I may or may not have recently tried my hands at macrame. And let’s just say….those of you who can do it have my utmost respect! But for those of you with talents at both macrame AND floral design, this is a perfect way to broaden your horizons. Go on, get macra-making it!

PRO TIP: Start by completing the macrame part 100%. Then you’ll have a clear vision of how your floral design can compliment the overall piece. Also, consider using paddle wire to attach the greenery and flowers to your macrame base!

Sign Making

Signs have become so incredibly popular for home decor and gifts (think nurseries, front doors, pretty much anywhere!). If you have a laser or a scroll saw, the options for what you can create are endless. And adding wood flowers in the colors of your choice really help to further personalize the piece! Just be sure to add in the costs of not only your wood or whatever material you used, but also the electricity to run your machine (and your labor time for sanding anything down).

PRO TIP: This can be a two-glue project: I generally use E6000 to glue the greenery base to the sign (especially if smooth wood or metal), then hot glue to attach the flowers to the greenery base.

Essential Oils/Diffusers

Oils and diffusers can help make your house a home. After all – scent is the strongest sense memory, and the right scent can trigger a sense of hominess and comfort unlike any other. 

But they can look a little underwhelming, right?

That’s where sola wood flowers can come in. With just a few flowers on top, suddenly you’re engaging both scent AND sight. Even better – when done correctly, the oils will be absorbed by your flowers, making them part of the form and function. 

PRO TIP: You’ll want to use a rattan reed as a means of holding the flower because it will absorb into the flower. But do NOT use hot glue because that will block the oils from getting into the flower

Wreath Making

The best part about wreaths is that you have a wide array of base options out there: mesh, ribbon, pre-made grapevine, pine, greenery, etc. That gives you artistic control to pick the shape, color, material, and other particulars that can make your design come to life! 

PRO TIP: For those holiday sales, don’t forget to start trying to move these as early as September.


Soon enough, the world will be run by “slash” people – Writer/Producer, Singer/Songwriter, Model/Actress, etc. Why not add Florist/Photographer to the mix?

While we don’t have tips on how to become a photographer for you (my camera phone and editing software is as far as I've delved into that arena!) we can tell you that wood flowers make for a fantastic prop when setting up lifestyle shots. Whatever the vibe of your shot is – holiday minis, boho senior shot, blank studio,  etc. – a well-placed sola craft will make your photos stand out!

PRO TIP: Think about the minimum amount of pieces you’ll need for each shot. For instance, a holiday scene probably needs a wreath, a mini tree, some loose flowers, etc. Pre-planning will help you better manage your photo shoot days!

And there you have it! For more ideas, reach out to wholesale@ohyourelovely.com. Good luck and happy expanding!

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