Succulent Assortment - sets of 50
Succulent Assortment - sets of 50 - sola wood flowers wholesale
sola wood flowers wholesale

Succulent Assortment - sets of 50

This mix is a fun assortment of sola wood flowers that we have found when dyed look a lot like succulents!  A mix of poppy, zinny, woodland lily, marigold, waterlilly, dazzle, miss ivy, lovely, American beauty, garden rose, sugar and spice, in various sizes.  


  • 50 flowers
  • sizes ranging from 1.5- 3 inches
  • random pick of different style flowers no two orders will be the same 
  • there will be a mix of flowers but note due to availability some of the above mention flowers may not be in the mix   

Please note these sola wood flowers are handmade and there can be a slight difference in size and shape from flower to flower.