Tropical Assortment - set of 50 _sola_wood_flowers
Tropical Assortment - set of 50 _sola_wood_flowers
Tropical Assortment - set of 50 _sola_wood_flowers
Oh! You're Lovely - Sola Wood Flowers

Tropical Assortment - set of 50

Sun and warm weather is all we can think about when we look at this gorgeous tropical sola wood flower mix.  Grab your favorite warm-weather drink and enjoy making some beautiful arrangements with this tropical assortment!


  • 50 flowers
  • sizes ranging from 1.5- 3 inches
  • a random mix of different style flowers no two orders will be the same 
  • this set comes raw (the last pictures are to just give an idea if flowers are dyed) 
  • there will be a mix of flowers but note due to availability some of the pictured flowers may not be in the mix   

Please note these sola wood flowers are handmade and there can be a slight difference in size and shape from flower to flower.

Sola flowers are not fresh flowers. They are handmade wood flowers. The texture is similar to a thin version of balsa wood. Because they are handmade and made from natural materials, no two are exactly alike! Brown veining, occasional small holes from a "knot" in the wood are on the flowers.