Case Sale - Artichoke 2.5 Inches - 1000 Flowers
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Case Sale - Artichoke 2.5 Inches - 1000 Flowers

When you need a lot of your favorite staple flower, this is the best way to stock up! This listing is for our 2.5" Arti and each case has 1000 flowers.

Because this is a case sale, we simply open the boxes to make sure they contain the correct flowers and then send it out to you. Please note: these are coming directly from our maker so sometimes there are a few perfectly imperfect flowers mixed in as we aren't doing our normal high touch quality control with these cases so that you get the best price possible! 


  • 2.5" Artichoke
  • 1000 Sola Wood Flowers

If you have any questions please make sure to contact us before placing your order as there are no returns.